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How it works?

Your legal document is generated through the latest legal technology.  To start you just need to choose which document you would like to have, then its simply a matter of completing the online questionnaire which then creates a legal document for you to use. The document will be emailed to you almost instantly, once you have completed the questionnaire.

The process is easy. Boost legal Templates helps you with most of your legal needs. You may also have the document reviewed by a lawyer before it is signed, so if you need bespoke advice we can help you speak directly with an experienced lawyer through the Extended Legal Assistance which is available through the Boost Legal Templates website, in addition, please be sure to have read the terms and conditions of this website because any purchase is subject to these terms and conditions.

How fast can I get my legal template?

You can get your legal document almost instantly, and straight after you complete our questionnaire, you will receive your new legal document in the email inbox that you provide at the start of the process.

We are pleased with the efficiency of the delivery because Boost Legal Templates is powered by Artificial Intelligence which means you can get your Legal Template in real-time.

Will my legal template give me all the legal protection I need?

Online legal documents can be useful, but they don't provide the same safeguards as a lawyer.  A lawyer will ensure that you are not bound to any restrictive terms that you don't understand. A lawyer has your best interests in mind, understands your business, and can provide you with necessary protections if or when a dispute arises.

The Boost Legal Templates rely on the information you provide. Please ensure that what you provide is correct.  You will need to seek legal advice to be sure the document you purchase is suitable and before any document is signed, used, or relied on.  Please also ensure to read and understand the terms and conditions on the website.

How can I be sure that my document is correct?

We are glad that you are keen to ensure that your document is legally enforceable and correct because If a dispute arises, every single clause could potentially be challenged, and any gaps or weaknesses are likely to be exposed and even used against you. One effective way of knowing whether your legal document is correct and covers you is by purchasing the Extended Legal Assistance before your document is finalised and signed.  Then a quote could be provided for doing the legal work which might be necessary for your situation.

What is the template format?

All our documents are delivered exclusively as PDF files.

Access to an editable format of a legal document opens up the possibility that you could invalidate the document in legal terms.

Top tier lawyers have carefully designed your document and, through the information you provide as soon as it is downloaded, it is ready to use as a PDF, however, if you need to make changes, we strongly advise you to seek for legal advice.

How does the Extended Legal Assistance work?

Extended Legal Assistance is an option to have your template reviewed by an actual lawyer.  The real value here is you can then see what extras need to be included in your template so that your situation is covered.

If you click “Extended Legal Assistance” it means you will have access to an experienced business lawyer to review your legal template and discuss it with you during a consultation.

This personalised approach means you have the benefit of our online legal technology plus protection under our insurance policies and the comfort of knowing whether or not the legal template is what you need for your situation.

You can simply contact us via the contact form to request a quote for the extended Legal Assistance option. If you decide to proceed with legal advice from a lawyer the process is not done through Boost Legal Templates and the lawyer will bill you separately for their work.

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Our intelligent interview will step you through a series of simple questions. Once you complete and submit the form, you’ll be emailed a comprehensive report detailing precisely where you have a potential legal gap or weakness.