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What We Do

Boost Legal Templates is an online enterprise offering legal documents templates to small businesses and individuals in Australia. We provide high quality, affordable legal templates and tailor them to meet clients' objectives by leveraging the latest technology to intelligently automate the drafting process. Created by award-winning AMK Law, Boost Legal Templates was created to help owners of small business and startups and as a means to contribute back to the community.

Our Story

When we envisioned Boost Legal Templates, our team had a simple mission in mind: create a superior quality of legal documents templates and use business to provide back to the community. Try our instant online legal documents, designed with Australian small businesses in mind. Now, when you download your legal document template, you're not only saving time and money. You're also supporting efforts around the globe to provide humanitarian aid. Be part of something great. For every template that you buy, we donate a percentage to a worthy cause by Dot Com Mob. 

Affordable Online Legal Templates With a Mission! Purchase with a purpose. 

Provide a Learning Hub:

Help a young person living in a remote Indigenous community to develop IT and English literacy skills by providing a safe space for one day, for enhanced learning and capacity building.
The provision of a hub for community engagement helps its members to overcome barriers of learning and develops the ability of individuals to participate in the social and working life of the community. And the impact of every giving you make to this project is automatically matched by the generosity of Robert Magid and his TMG Development Company in Sydney.

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