Boost Legal Templates announces adoption of the Artificial Intelligence Solution

Whilst the term, artificial intelligence (AI), may seem that it belongs exclusively in worlds of science fiction, you may be surprised to discover that AI is already being used in our day-to-day activities.

Siri, Bixby, Cortana, Google now… these are all examples of common intelligent or automated personal assistants regularly used to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

University students would be very familiar with the leading academic plagiarism checker, Turnitin, but not many may know that the text-matching software uses AI and machine learning (ML) tools to detect plagiarism.[1]

Even Facebook uses AI to recognise faces in pictures. The suggestion tags you see when you upload a picture is due to its extremely accurate facial recognition technology.[2]

Indeed, AI seems to be integrating very effectively into our everyday lives. In a world that is constantly driven by advancements to technology, the only way to keep up is to adapt.

The most forward-thinking and technology-proficient law firms have already embraced AI in the form of ‘lawyer bots’ and Boost Legal Templates is excited to do the same.

The software performs automated tasks which are usually carried out by lawyers. They can interview clients, give advice and create customised, error-free legal documents in a fraction of the time taken by legal practitioners.[3]

A study by LawGeex showed that it’s AI achieved an accuracy level of 94% compared to an average accuracy of 85% across 20 lawyers in reviewing 5 non-disclosure agreements. Further, the lawyers took an average of 92 minutes to review this task, in comparison to the AI’s total time of 26 seconds.[4]

Too often, lawyers spend too much time determining which information is relevant and irrelevant. Law bots can rapidly and accurately analyse and synthetise this information, providing greater assistance to lawyers and deliver better outcomes for clients.

AI cannot replace the role of a lawyer in its entirety. However, we are certain that it can be used to save lawyers hours of billable time in legal research, discovery, document review and contract analysis.

Rather than replacing legal practitioners, Boost Legal Templates believes that AI aims to revolutionise legal industry improving quality of the legal documents that we offer to our clients, adding real value creating customised, error-free legal documents in an instant.

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