About Us

We created high quality of legal documents that is easy and affordable.

No lawyers. No hassle. 

Who We Are

We are passionate about effective solutions for clients and we understand your need for efficiency, Boost Legal was created with a focus on delivering an affordable and easy legal document in real-time and const-effective.


What We Do

We are here to assist you with your legal needs. We offer the tools that allow you to easily automate and create customised legal document. You can create your legal document at anytime and from anywhere using our platform.

How We Do It

Boost Legal Templates is powered by  Artificial Intelligence Software that process the information that you provide to start draft your legal document so you can generate the final documents containing all information given by you. You’re Done!

Competitive Pricing
Technology Driven
All Templates Developed by Lawyers
Innovative Solutions

Choose the legal document that you really need! Make your document in minutes and you’re done! 

How It Works:


Step 1 - Choose

Choose your template – choose and securely pay for your legal document with Al software powered by Autom.io


Step 2 - Start

Start our friendly online interview process; we will use the innovative tools to process all the information provide by you. 


Step 3 - Complete

Receive your completed legal document instantly at a fraction of the costs of outsourcing through a lawyer.




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